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POM Gymnastics Club Enrolment Form 2022

Term 4 enrolment is now closed.

All classes are full - thank you!

POM Gymnastics Club Rules

Session Information / Rules

Participants must:

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to start time so that they can settle down and be prepared for class

  • No playing on the gymnastic equipment unless your coach is with you

  • Wear light comfortable gym wear (nothing baggy, no jeans, no buckles, no zips)

  • Tie long hair back away from the face

  • Remove all jewellery, watches, phones etc, before training

  • Always bring a drink bottle to their session

  • Not eat during session

  • Treat all coaches with respect and listen carefully to their instruction

  • Not attempt any skills that have not been taught

  • Have an awesome time learning fun and exciting new skills



Nut-free gym

At POM Gymnastics there may be children enrolled whom have severe allergic reactions to a wide range of different food products. To make POM Gymnastics a safe environment for everyone we ask you not to bring any food or drink (except water) into our centres. If your child has eaten peanut butter or other nut products prior to their gymnastic class, please wash their hands before starting their session or preferably save these treats for after gymnastic class. Peanut and other allergies are life threatening and traces of these foods are easily transferred from your child’s fingers or clothes to our equipment.


We thank you for your understanding and consideration.



Parent participation and supervision

It is the responsibility of the parents to supervise your child at all times, before the start of our classes, during our classes and after our classes. We highly appreciate your help in refraining your child from playing with the equipment at all times unless supervised by a coach or assistant coach. Please don’t chat through our classes especially around the exercise area, as we need your help to supervise your child at all times and to set a good example to your child who needs to stay focussed throughout the class. Your involvement in the activities is highly appreciated, as our classes are challenging for all children and we would like our students to have as much fun as possible. Your child needs your help in focusing on the task and remembering complicated sequences. Our sessions are only 45-60 minutes and your help is needed to bring your child back on task (even for the older group 7+ yo) so that they can have a good time learning fun and exciting new skills.

We require parent / guardian of children participating in Kinder Gym (4 years old and below) to participate with your enrolled child. The more enthusiastic and involved you are as parents, the more fun everyone will have. Very young children can only concentrate for small amounts of time, so they need you to concentrate for them and to repeat the instructions and challenges. Your children delight in seeing you singing and dancing and jumping along. When you participate fully then they are more likely to.


Siblings / Friends

POM Gymnastics provides you with a special opportunity to be a part of the class with your enrolled child. Together you will have fun learning and your child will treasure your undivided attention. It is preferable not to bring siblings along. However, as this is not always practical, siblings are welcomed if they do not interfere with the normal class activities. As they are not insured, they are not allowed to go on the equipment or participate in mat activities, and they should be closely supervised at all times. We ask that young children be seated in strollers and older children sit to the side to observe.

The personal information provided by you on this form will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. To obtain a copy of our Privacy Policy, enquire about any privacy issues or make a request for access to information, please contact us at

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