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Consultation Request form

If you are interested in studying abroad but not sure where to start, we strongly recommend you to have a consultation with us as a starting point.

With our consultation, we look at your academic documents and based on your interested area of study, we can suggest the best study options and programs for your to consider. We can also provide an advice on how you can achieve your academic goals.

Quick Consultation

If you provide the all the documents and information, we can provide if you are eligible to study abroad or not. However, if you would like more further advice and quote, please select either Email or phone consultation.

Consultation: Free of charge

Email consultation

Based on the information and documents provided by you, our counsellor will provide relevant information and advice relevant to you via email:

  • Program and institutions - suggestion of some programs and institutions options for you to consider and also any relevant advise of if you meet the entry requirements, and if not, advice on alternative options.

  • English requirements - advice on if you meet English requirements for selected programs. 

  • IELTS test - information about the IELTS test and advice on if you need to sit for the test or not. 

  • FInancial Eligibility - advice on your eligibility to meet financial requirements 

  • Expected costs - Total tuition fees, living expenses, insurance, visa fees and any other relevant costs that you need to be aware of

  • Travel information  - most updated travel measures and procedures

  • Next step - based on the consultation, we advise you what is the next action to take

  • Recommendation - any advice we recommend you to do before proceed to the next step

Consultation fee: AU$100

Email and phone consultation

This option will give you an opportunity to talk to our counsellor for 30 mins after you received the email consultation outcome and the counsellor can explain the details over the phone. You can also ask any questions.

Alternatively, if you would like to talk to the counsellor first to figure out what you really want to study, you can have a phone call session first then we send you an email afterwards.

Consultation fee: AU$150

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