Why study abroad?

Studying overseas is not just about getting a qualification - it is a life journey to shape your personality, develop your interpersonal skill and meet new wantoks from all over the world. It is a great opportunity to see your country and culture from outside and understand them objectively.

12 reasons to study abroad

Obtain World-class qualifications

Japan, Australia and Fiji offer qualifications that can lead you to a great career opportunities in world wide!

Meet people from all over the world

You don't need to travel all over the world to people, by living overseas will allow you to people from all over the world!

See the world

World is much bigger than PNG. See it with your own eyes!

See your own culture through a new lens

You will have a so many opportunity to share about PNG, and you will see your culture from different angle! 

Find new interests

There are so many opportunities available outside of PNG. You may discover your new passion that you've been looking for!

Learn another languages

This can be a great opportunity to meet more people and will look great on your CV!

Gain life experience

Experience helps you to shape your personality and also a life-long asset that will never fade!

Take in new culture

Participate and experience cultural festivals and learn from it!

Experience something new

Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy an adventure!

Gain a global mindset

Being around of people with different mindset will stimulate your mindset!

Career Opportunity

Whatever you learn overseas will prepare for you to succeed in you future career!

Gain independence

You will have to look after yourself, and this can be tough. But you will be very independent!