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Online Study

Upgrade your qualification at home, in your free time.​

If you would like to continue working and stay in PNG, but want to upgrade your qualification or skill - why not start studying online? Online study will give you a flexibility to fit into your busy life and allow you to stay with your family. Also you can save the cost of traveling and living overseas as well! 

Online study is suitable for who:
  • want to gain overseas qualification within you home country

  • want to upgrade your qualification for your career

  • cannot afford to live overseas but have enough to pay for tuition fee

  • want to stay with family while studying

  • want to utilise your free time to gain practical knowledge for your career

  • cannot start overseas study due to border closure but don't want to just sit and wait

Online courses are available from:


University of Southern Queensland

Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba (QLD)

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Sarina Russo Institute


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