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There are so many accommodation options in each country. It is best to choose the right option for you by comparing pros and cons of each option.

Accommodation Type
This option is perfect for you if you...
Live with your relatives
You will save a lot of money!
Less opportunity to gain an independence
Want to stay close to your family and relatives
Rent own place
You have a whole place to yourself!
Rental agreement paperwork can be a bit of work
prefer to have your own space and look after the place by yourself.
Share House
Reasonable to expensive
You can live in a house or spacious apartment with other room mates
Finding a good matching room mates can be a challenge
like some privacy but still have chance to hang out with other students
Home Stay
You will be welcomed as a new member of the family
Finding a perfect match host family can be a challenge
Want to have a homely environment
Student Accommodation
Reasonable to expensive
It is like a hotel for students. Well equiped facilities and convenient locations
Depends on the type of room you choose, it can be expensive
Want to live conveniently, close from school, all you needs are in one spot.

Student accommodation

Here are few of our Student accommodation options:

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