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Requirements to study abroad



If you are interested in studying abroad, first thing to check is your eligibility to study abroad. There are various criteria depending on the level of study, area of study, your age, academic background, financial status etc. Checking your eligibility will help you to determine your study option as well. Below information is a reference only and it is recommended to have a consultation with our Education Counsellor to check your eligibility in details.

Academic requirements

Once you have chosen a program you are interested in, you can check what is the minimum requirement to apply for the course from the institution's website. Some institutions may have a specific requirements depending on where you come from / where you completed your studies in the past. For example, if you have completed Senior Secondary School (PNG Curriculum) in PNG, you may be eligible for a direct entry to a Bachelor course in some institutions, depending on a course and your grades. If you are not eligible, then you can look for an alternative pathway. Checking your academic eligibility would help you to identify your academic level and what are the suitable options for you to choose. 

English requirements

If you have done all of your schooling in English, English test is not required in most of the cases except when you are applying for a certain programs such as Nursing, Teaching, Laws and Engineering. If you haven't study for a long time, you might be asked to provide an English Test results. This is all determined case by case, and depending on the program you choose so it's best to speak to our Education counsellor to check if you need to sit for the English test or not before you apply.

Financial Requirements

According to the Department of Home Affairs website, you must have enough money to stay in Australia. You might be asked to provide the relevant financial documents to prove your eligibility when you apply for a visa, such as bank statement, payslips etc.

Any information about expected cost to study and live in Australia, please refer to the Australian Government's Study Australia website

Please note that PNG Study Abroad do not provide an assistance in finding a sponsor for your study. 

Health requirements

Some programs require you to meet certain health conditions for an entry. Details should be available on the course information page on the institution's website. 

Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements

All applicants of Student visa must show that genuine purpose to study and live in Australia. You will need to demonstrate this when you apply for a Student visa and some institutions may ask you to do so when you are applying for an admission.

For more detail about Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements, please visit the Department of Home Affairs website

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