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About us

PNG Study Abroad (Formerly Pacific Education Abroad Consulting Service - PEACS ) is a professional education consultancy for PNG students and international students who are educated in PNG. Since the establishment in 2015, we have built a positive reputation due to its professional and quality performance, and we aim not only to maintain but also continue enhancing our services. In first two years, we assisted students' enrolment from Primary school level to PhD level and we are very honoured to be part of their beginning of exciting journey.

Our philosophy

  • Provide personalised support

  • Be honest and genuine

  • Respect individuals

We are fully aware of what's involves in the process,

and we are committed to walk through it patiently with our clients. 

Mitsuki Sato

Managing Director | Education Counsellor

Mitsuki is originally from Japan and experienced a number of short study abroad programs in Australia, Belgium, USA and Germany when she was a student.

Growing up, Mitsuki always dreamed of exploring the world and learning other languages fluently. When she was 21, she moved to the Sunshine Coast in Australia to make her dream come true. She studied Certificate IV in Health and Beauty to improve her English level and also get a qualification for a better career, however she ended up working as an Administration officer at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Mitsuki Experienced broad areas of Student Administration work during her employment with the university for 7 years. 

In 2013, she had an opportunity to move to Port Moresby, PNG and established an Education Agency (PEACS) in 2015 to help Papua New Guineans to study abroad. Mitsuki actively collaborates with government agencies, schools and institutions to enhance the study abroad pathways for Papua New Guineans.

In 2018, Mitsuki participated for Agent Pitch Challenge Study Queensland during Commonwealth Game Gold Coast Trade 2018 event, and selected as a winner of the pitch. She has given a fund by Queensland Government to implement her idea of creating information resources for PNG parents such as e-guidebook and video, traveled around PNG to assist parents face-to-face.

Mitsuki expanded study options for Papua New Guineans to Australia, Japan and Fiji, and established PNG Study Abroad in 2019.

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