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English Test

Depending on the destination, institutions and program you choose, you might be required to sit for an approved English Proficiency Test. During our initial consultation, we can check if you will be required to sit for a test to apply for your chosen program. 

PTE Academic offers face-to-face test and online test. It is quick and easy English proficiency test option for both  admissions and visa purposes. Online test results may not be accepted in some cases, so please make sure to select the relevant test mode before you book.

Face to face test availability in PNG: Weekly

Test results availability: Within 48 hours after the test date

Test venue: IBS College, Port Moresby

Test fee

USD180 to be paid directly to the test organiser. (Online payment)

This price is set by the Pearson organiser and it is not negotiable for discount.

How to book for the test


For more information, available dates and booking, please visit Pearson PTE Academic website.

More information about PTE Academic Online

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