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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me studying overseas?

We can help you to choose the right program and institution to start with, based on the area of study you are interested in and your academic results from previous studies. We can certify your relevant documents and submit the application form to the chosen school/institutions.

We can also assist you to organise your student visa, and also relocation to overseas. You can find more information about our service here.

I don't have a sponsor or funds to study overseas. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately you must secure a sponsor or fund before you apply to school/institutions. This is one of the requirements set by institutions and/or government of Australia, Japan and Fiji.

If you need an offer letter in order for you to apply for scholarships, you must obtain a evidence of potential scholarships/sponsorship by the relevant authority.

Do I have to use Education Agent to apply?

No, however it is strongly recommended to use Education Agent to avoid any disappointment.

Education Agents can suggest you the best option and pathway to start your successful academic journey overseas.

We work closely with our partnered institutions and also continue to update with visa requirements so that we can guide you through the process efficiently and smoothly.

Is there a fee for the service?

Due to current COVID-19 situation, we are not offering free of charge service until further notice.

Can I take my family to overseas with me?

This depends on your financial capacity, country you choose and also the age of your family members.

Please contact us for a consultation.

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