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Grenada is a small country located in eastern Caribbean sea, where St George's University

is located. The university is offering Medical Doctor program for international students

who would like to be a resident either in the UK or the USA.

This is a great opportunity for those who are dream to be a medical physician.


Founded as an independent School of Medicine in 1976, St. George’s University opened its doors to students beginning in January 1977. It has evolved into a top center of international education, drawing students and faculty from 140 countries to the Caribbean island of Grenada, in the West Indies. Students attending SGU enjoy the benefits of a thriving multicultural environment on the True Blue campus, offering all the amenities and technologically advanced facilities of a world-class institution.

The University’s more than 22,000 graduates include physicians, veterinarians, scientists, and public health and business professionals across the world. The University offers medical and veterinary medical degrees in the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and independent and dual graduate degrees in the sciences, public health, and business. Undergraduate degree programs are also available through its School of Arts and Sciences, and students may build on their education by pursuing a degree in the School of Graduate Studies.


The University programs are accredited and approved by many governing authorities, and SGU is affiliated with educational institutions worldwide, including in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Ireland.


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From PNG, you can access to Grenada via Australia, Singapore, Japan and/or the USA.


School year generally starts from April. Children turning 7 years old start first grade of elementary school up to 6th grade. Junior high school goes for 3 years and then move on to senior high school for another 3 years. Majority of students finish their schooling by 18 years old. 

For tertiary studies, University study is very common however Vocational Education and Training is also available. 


There are 4 beautiful and colourful changes of season in Japan: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Every season people celebrate the change of climate and events mostly based on the traditions and religious activities. There are so many opportunities to see and experience Japanese traditional festivals and customs throughout the year.

Japan is generally safe in majority of places compare to PNG. Transport is very reliable and convenient. International students are eligible for discount price for various occasions for example, transport fees, admissions (cinema etc). 

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Below is an estimated monthly living expenses in Japan. 

Accommodation - 50,000 yen (PGK1,600)

Food & Drink - 25,000 yen (PGK800)

Mobile phone / Medical 7,000 yen (PGK224)

Transportation - 5,000 yen (PGK160)

Total: 87,000 yen (PGK2,784)

*These figures and currency conversion is an estimate only and depends on the accommodation option and location student choose this can be varied.

Average living expenses in Japan

PGK2,700 - 3,500

per month

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International students who holds a Student visa in Japan can work up to 28 hours per week and up to 8 hours per day during the school break with a few restrictions on the type of job.

Hourly wage for working in restaurants and shops is typically about 1,000 yen (PGK32).


When a student receive an offer from an institution applied, student must meet all the conditions to accept an offer and making a required deposit is one of the conditions. 

Once student fulfil the required conditions, student can apply for a Student visa.

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