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  • 執筆者の写真Mitsuki | Managing Direct

Bond University

End of October, Mr Calvin Masson from Bond University visited Port Moresby to promote the university with PNG Study Abroad.

Calvin is originally from South Africa, and it was his first time visiting PNG!

Calvin updated me with new programs, scholarships, application process etc. so that I can help any students who are interested in studying at Bond University.

We visited few high schools together to speak to Year 11 students and not only talked about study opportunity at Bond University, but also the importance of start thinking about "What you want to do / achieve" in the future.

I always tell students that having a clear goal beyond the study is so important in order to achieve an academic success. Studying overseas is only a pathway for their future career success. Calvin shared interesting story of himself and students were listening eagerly.

We also visited AusTrade office in Port Moresby and met with Kembol Kaikipae, Senior Business Development Manager. It was very helpful to get AusTrade's view of International Education recruitment.

It is always great to have a representative visiting PNG, not only working together but having an opportunity to show a beautiful part of PNG to them so that they will see the true PNG like I do.

- Mitsuki





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