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COVID-19 Impact to Study Abroad

In last 4 weeks, the whole wide world have gone through a unexpected change rapidly. 

We are blessed that PNG have only few cases so far, however I have been getting information and news from different media sources and languages, and I would say that things are quite serious at the moment.

COVID-19 pandemic has given a huge impact to International students in overseas. There are lots of students lost jobs, not being able to fly back home, worst case, not being able to buy food every day. The governments and industries are proactively supporting those students to make sure their welfare is looked after.

PNG Study Abroad is following the PNG government's State of Emergency lock down, we are operating our business remotely and not accepting a face-to-face consultation at this point and time. We've been receiving a number of enquiries regarding alternative options and we are providing support and advice individually.

Although what I can say right now is that it is not a good time to start a new application for June/July intakes, due to unknown duration of border closure. The Department of Home Affairs in Australia is not recommending to lodge a new Student visa application at this stage as well, due to changes occurred by COVID-19.

It doesn't mean that you just wait and do nothing. It is a great time for parents and children to do a thorough research of study options, think through the best options, and set goals. If you have a good plan placed now, you can make a move as soon as all this pandemic is over. I do believe that this is not going to be forever, and there are things we can do right now.

The best way to start for you is to complete our Quick Assessment Form on our website if you haven't done so. 

We will then give you an individual free assessment and advice via email.

Everyone, stay safe and stay home. This will be over quickly by everyone's co-operation. 

- Mitsuki





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