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Bond University

"Study Abroad is a tremendous service for individuals who aspire to study overseas. It is a service that provides assistance and guidance when applying for a student visa and is very efficient and reliable.

They make the process easier to follow. They also provide adequate assistance throughout our studies and frequently check in on students."

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Asia Pacific University

PNG Study Abroad has the most efficient, convenient, and trustworthy service. From every step of my application process to VISA application, PNG Study Abroad went to the utmost level to make sure I did not face any difficulties during my journey into my new life studying abroad. I will always be grateful to PNG Study Abroad for being there to answer every single question I had when I was worried or uncertain. I was truly blessed to have Mitsuki-san with me every step of the way. Thank you for helping me not give up on my dreams.


"You have done a great job to assist us organising my son's enrolment at James Cook University which I really appreciate your services. I will definitely need your service again for my other children."

Peke, PNG
James Cook University

"I am very grateful that you were able to help me get my daughter to enrol at TAFE Queensland.
We are blessed because we have found a right person to direct us." 

John, PNG
TAFE Queensland

"We really appreciate for your professional assistance to my son. You handled the unexpected situation and guided us the way we couldn't have done by ourselves."

Guy, PNG

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TAFE Queensland

"If anyone wish to study overseas, I recommend PNG Study Abroad to go for, as their quality and high level service is the very best in PNG i came across and now have completed my study and working in Australia."

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Bond University

"As someone who just graduated from high school, the thought of applying to tertiary institutions, searching for accommodation, and other things was extremely overwhelming. Mitsuki has helped make my transition from secondary to tertiary education much more effortless. She is very swift and effective. If you are in search of an agent, I would highly recommend PNG Study Abroad. You are guaranteed exceptional service."

"We heard about PEACS when they visited a college in Papua New Guinea in 2016. 

It was very fortunate as we were in the middle of applying for the student and guardian visa applications for the family but we were finding that task was difficult.  And so, we sought their (PEACS) assistance and we did not wait for weeks, but straight after our request, the preparation of our visa applications commenced and with information needed from us, they were all given.

It was not simple and easy to arrange for the student and guardian visas at the same time.  However, with the great assistance given by PEACS who did most of the things on our behalf, there was no hassle.  Documents were finalized then they were sent to us simply for our signatures. We learnt that with all information given, everything works fast than we thought.

PEACS’s services are fast, very competent and with its experience and diversity in these areas of assisting people, we recommend PEACS to anyone who is dreaming and or planning to take up further education abroad.

The exciting part of the process was that our student and guardian visas were ready just within exactly two (2) weeks. How miraculous that was to have visas on time and we had more time to prepare for our journey. 

Thank you PEACS’s team for the excellent job and your expertise to make our lives easier, appreciate it very much!" 

Eddie, PNG

Queensland Government Schools

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Bond University

"Mitsuki’s services simplistically provide all necessary information and available options regards to schools, university etc., to her clients. I would highly recommend to all wishing to study abroad."

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Aviation Australia

"Great work, Mitsuki!! Thanks for all your efforts in ensuring a smooth transition and enrollment for Samuel. He's in good hands at Aviation Australia!"

- Samuel's parent

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TAFE Queensland

"I am so surprised that everything went really fast and smooth. Thank you so much!"

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Bond University

"I was so grateful to have Mitsuki as my education agent. She made my application process to Bond and student visa processes seamless and stress-free, thanks to her attention to detail and incredible efficiency. I am delighted with her services and don’t know how I could’ve done it without her guidance. Thank you, Mitsuki!"

"Your Service was impressively efficient and very informative, your team were able to get appropriate visas in time for the start of school and were able to cater to our varied requests.

I truly have no doubt in recommending their service to anyone. It's been such a smooth experience. I don't think we would have done it any better ourselves."

Merlyn, PNG

Queensland Government Schools

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