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Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) is located in Beppu City in one of southern island of Japan. The university provides international studies for future global leaders across all fields and industries. 

Real global experience in Japan

51.4% of students studying in APU are international students from 89 countries. You will be studying with students from diverse backgrounds, it will be a great opportunity to learn multiculturalism in whilst studying at APU. 

Become multilingual

Teaching will be delivered in English at APU, but it will be a great opportunity to learn Japanese! This will have a significant advantage in your future career, especially if you are dream to work in Japan in the future. 

APU also offers language courses such as Chinese, Korean, Malay/Indonesian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

Exchange program

You can join an Exchange program for a semester or a year in another university in Japan or APU's global partnered institutions. 


countries and regions represented by students


international students


Total students


employment success rate

Undergraduate program


4 years

Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Marketing

  • Strategic Management and Organisation


Bachelor of Social Science

  • Environment and Development

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • International Relations and Peace Studies

  • Culture, Society and Media

Bachelor of Sustainability and  Tourism

  • Enviromental Studies

  • Resource Management

  • International Develooment

  • Tourism Studies

  • Tourism Industry Operations

  • Hospitality Operation

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Regional Development

  • Data Science & Information System

Graduate program


2 years

Master of Science in Asia Pacific Studies

  • International Relations

  • Society and Culture


Master of Science in International Cooperation Policy

  • International Public Administration

  • Public Health Management

  • Sustainability Science (including International Material Flow Management)

  • Development Economics


Master of Business Administration

  • Japanese Management

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Marketing and Management

  • Innovation and Operations Management

Admissions process

There are two intakes: April and September. Application period is limited for each intakes. 


APU awards tuition reduction scholarships to outstanding international students. These cover 30%, 50%, 65%, 80% or 100% of your tuition until graduation. You are eligible to apply if you will hold a student visa while studying at APU. Additional scholarships are available after enrolment. Scholarships at AAPU are primarily merit based. 


From Tokyo, fly to Oita airport. 

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