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We will help make the process much easier and smoother.

From the point you decided to study abroad, there are so many things you will need to know.

There will be a time that you need to deal with important legal paper work, and you would like to make sure everything is done properly, wouldn't you? We are an expert and can guide you through step by step. 

Unless you have lived in abroad previously, it would be hard to imagine what is it like, and finding the best academic pathway for you.

Already in overseas? No problem.

You might be finishing your first program and need an advice on how to furthering your study or change the direction. We can still guide you through wherever you are, and help you to navigate your journey towards your goal.


Finding the best start line for your future success

You might want to follow the same path as other people did, but you need to make sure if that is going to really work for you. Based on the information you provide us, we provide you all the necessary information - details of institutions, programs, and the necessary costings. We can suggest couple of options for you to consider, so that you can make a well informed decision.

We are experienced

PEACS counselling 01.jpg

Our counsellors are well experienced, trained and educated in overseas. We listen to your concerns, give you advice and suggestions so that you can choose the best path to take. We are qualified to look at your qualifications and check if you meet entry requirements for the chosen study destinations and programs. 

How Counselling works

We can give you a free counselling via email or phone.

For us to find out where to start, we will ask you some questions about:

  • your qualification details

  • interested area and level of study

  • what you would like to achieve after completing study in overseas

  • budget

If you are interested to find out about your eligibility, please submit Quick Assessment form and we will get back to you for further counselling.

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PEACS counselling 01.jpg
Visa Application Assistance (Australia only)

We can explain the visa application process and point out to the important information on each Department Agencies overseas.

We have been assisting students to apply for Student visa so many times, we can make sure your visa application is organised and lodged properly.

Option 1: Basic assistance

If you would like to go through the process by yourself but need a little guidance, we are happy to assist you for free of charge. We can refer you to relevant website with important information to make sure you are on track.

Option 2: Hands-on assistance

If you are not confident to organise the visa by yourself, we can walk through the whole process with you.

  • We will explain how the process works based on the information from a relevant website

  • Help you making an appointment with Panel Physician for Medical Examination (if required)

  • Check what the required documents are for your application

  • Assist you to review completed application form before lodgement

Please contact us for more information and the service fee price.

Bringing your family?

If you are planning to study abroad and taking your family with you, there are so many things you need to know to meet the requirements. We can explain things you need to be aware of, and depends on your circumstances we can refer you to a Migration Agent for further professional advice.

Preparation for departure

You've accepted an offer, you've got a Student visa, then you are ready to go!

Before you get too relaxed, there are few things you need to organise before you jump on the plane.

  • Accommodation

  • Transport from the Airport

  • Class registration

  • Check Orientation week dates

  • Understand the Student visa compliance

We provide all our clients a briefing before they leave their home country, making sure they are all well prepared.

Service fee

At the time of counselling, we will listen to you and find out how much help you need from us and how much budget you have and we will do our best to accommodate to your needs.

If you would like to have a control of the process, we are happy to guide you for free of charge.

If you would like a hands-on assistance, we can give you a quote for you to consider.

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