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Changes of our service

2020 has been already challenging enough, and as you may noticed that we haven't been able to function in full operation since the border is closed. After a thorough consideration, changes have been made in our service as below:

Closing our office in 5 mile as of 11th September

We will be operating our business from a private residence. Enquiries can be made via phone or email only and face-to-face enquiry assistance & free counselling is no longer available. 

Discontinuation of a free online assessment

We have been offering a free Quick Assessment on our website however this is now suspended until further notice.

Eligibility assessment service is still available (fees apply)

If you would like us to pre-assess your eligibility to study at particular institution overseas, please follow below instruction:

  1. Send a request via email

  2. Provide all the necessary documents we request.

  3. Pay consultation fee

  4. You can receive our assessment outcome either by email, phone or emails

Please contact us for prices.

Current clients

If you already have an offer commencing from Semester 1 2021, we will start your visa application process from now on once the service fee is paid.

In order for us to continue assisting current clients and future students, these are necessary temporary changes until the border re-opens. I really appreciate your understanding.

Mitsuki Sato

Managing Director





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