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From Port Moresby, Cairns to Gold Coast - Freddrick's academic journey

Having completed and attained my university degree, it is said without hesitation that PNG Study Abroad played a key role in ensuring that all legal academic-related prerequisites and enrolments were successfully met with ease.

My name is Freddrick from Papua New Guinea, in retrospect four years later, much of my family’s successful integration into our new home’s legal and academic system was one of stress and confusion. Similar to most PNG families, much of this stress is attributed to the confusing legal and academic processes heavily enforced in Australia. Thus, calling for a need from outside assistance such as PNG Study Abroad.

Our initial move began in Cairns, Queensland. Moving to Cairns, my two siblings and I were firstly enrolled at Redlynch State College. It was during my short time at Redlynch State College that I completed senior year, having only stayed there for two years. Upon completion of senior year and through guidance provided by PNG Study Abroad’s representative, Mitsuki Sato, I was then fortunately able to apply for and get accepted into two Australian universities.

Having chosen Bond University for its highly regarded Bond Business School and appealing location on the Gold Coast, it was there where I achieved my Bachelor in Business (majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation).

My experience at Bond University can be summed up in one word, “monumental”. My experience is defined as so due to the immense growth and experience I had gained over my degree on both a personal and academic level. Of all the fond memories I can recount, one that I consider my best was during a major project which spanned over two courses towards the end of my studies. The project required that students in teams were to develop, test, and execute a preferred business plan over the course of six months.

Those six months consisted of weekly updates, six presentations, product testing, and execution of sales on and off-campus. The end illustrated great results as my team and I (team No Stress) were able to generate over $9500 in revenue and around $7000 in profit through the sale of our $25 product, raffle tickets, and donations. Our achievement was recognized by the faculty as we were awarded Certificates of Excellence for our performance.

Throughout this period, I was able to improve my skills in communication and marketing whilst gaining new-found knowledge in negotiations and developing friendships with fellow course mates that extended beyond our studies. Transitioning from one society that is far more introverted and collective to one that is opposite, being individualistic and extroverted, much of my experiences as a Papua New Guinean adjusting to a westernized lifestyle will soon be familiar to many that read this. In saying that, this transition can be made easy through the use of PNG Study Abroad and its services.

Taking on PNG Study Abroad during our transition into Australia provided a great deal of benefits with the loss of unwanted strains often encountered throughout legal processes regarding visa applications and their lodgements, ensuring required documents are satisfied, class registration, etc. Additionally, my family and I were well informed of various processes and options available to us through one-on-one consultations with PNG Study Abroad's Rep. Mitsuki Sato. I highly recommended it to those looking to study overseas.





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