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Western Sydney University in Indonesia

Western Sydney University (WSU) is opening a world-class campus in Surabaya, Indonesia in September and this is a great opportunity for you to receive Australian high standard education with a great savings.

Why study at WSU Indonesia campus?

  • Teaching and learning are exactly same as what you get in Australia, but tuition fee is generously discounted and living costs are only 40% of what you would need to pay in Australia

  • Streamlined visa application process and financial requirement is not as high as Australian Student visa

WSU will be offering following programs from September this year:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

  • Bachelor of Data Science (Cyber Security Minor)

  • Bachelor of Engineering Science (Electrical Engineering)

  • Bachelor of Business (Applied Finance)

  • Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (Software Development)

All program duration is 3 years, exactly same as what is offered in other campuses in Australia. You will also have option to transfer to other campuses in Australia at second or third year of your study.

If you have any innovative business idea, WSU will help you to set the business up and support you to grow. You will have access to experienced mentor and resources to make your business dream come true whilst studying at WSU.

Why study in Indonesia?

Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia and only 1 hour flight from Jakarta. It is a modern and English speaking city, you will be able to live comfortably and conveniently.

Indonesia offers reasonable living costs compared to Australia and it will fit well in your budget.

Estimated living costs in Surabaya will be PGK2,600 per month. (Australia is approx. PGK6,500 per month)


WSU Student Services team will assist you to find a suitable accommodation such as shared apartment/rooms, homestays, private rentals for you.

Student visa

WSU Student Services team will assist you to arrange Student visa for you.

The cost of visa application and assistance will be approx. PGK4,200 and to be paid to the university.

Scholarships and tuition fees

WSU Indonesia is currently offering cheaper tuition fees and generous scholarships options for September 2024 intakes. This will allow you for further savings, to access global standard education.

  • 20%: Multi-year, Automatically qualify when applicant meet the admission requirements

  • 30%: Multi-year, Minimum academic requirements – assessed upon application

  • 50% Multi-year, Minimum academic requirements to be considered for shortlisting, September 2024 intake only


You must meet both academic and financial requirements in order to be enrolled at WSU Indonesia.

You must provide the following information for a pre-assessment:

  • Certified copy of passport (make sure that it doesn’t expire within 12 months)

  • Certified copy of transcripts and certificates

  • Evidence of funds – Bank statement (Must)

  • Updated CV

  • English test score (if they have one)

  • Copy of bank statement

You must have all the documents ready and available now in order to commence from September intake.

Interested in applying?

Please contact us via email with supporting documents listed above.





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