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Associate degrees at UniSQ

Associate degree is a great pathway for many applicants in different situations. The program duration is 2 years, so there are many benefits of taking this option rather than enrol to a bachelor degree. Examples of benefits are:

  • If you complete Associate Degree in Engineering, you will be qualified Engineer in 2 years, and if you decides to continue your study to a Bachelor of Engineering, you can work as an Engineer whilst you are studying. This is a great advantage to gain industry experience which could potentially lead to a future employment. This scenario applies to other areas, not just engineering.

  • If you decides to continue onto a Bachelor degree after completing an associate degree, you are likely to be able to transfer credits from subjects you've completed in an Associate degree program to a bachelor degree. It means that you can reduce the duration of bachelor degree.

  • If you don't meet a direct entry requirement to a bachelor degree, you might meet the requirements to an associate degree program as usually admissions requirements are lower than a bachelor degree.

  • You may be feeling overwhelmed to commit for 3 years or more bachelor degree, but 2 years makes you feel doable, and affordable

  • You would like to get a degree in 2 years and apply for a Graduate Work visa afterwards

Not many institutions offer associate degrees, but the University of Southern Queensland do.


  • Electrical and Electronic

  • Mining

  • Civil

  • Mechanical

  • Agricultural

  • Instrumentation Control and Automation


  • Accounting

  • Advertising

  • Banking and Financial services

  • Business Administration

  • BUsiness Economics

  • Communication and Media Studies

  • e-Commerce

  • Economics and Politics

  • Finance

  • Global Political Economy

  • Human Resource Management

  • Information Technology Management

  • Journalism

  • Management and Leadership

  • Marketing

  • Politics and International Relations

  • Public Relations

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Biomedical Science


Most of the courses have option to continue on to a Bachelor degree. So if you are not 100% with the area of study you chose, you can change it after you completed an associate degree. This option will give you more flexibility with your future study and career.

UniSQ is currently offering 20% tuition fee discount for all programs in 2023. If you are interested in studying at UniSQ, please contact us to check yoru eligibility.





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