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James Cook University Brisbane Pathway option

If you already have a qualification from IEA or currently studying at IEA, this is a great opportunity to further your study in Australia.

Your Diploma and/or Advanced Diploma that completed at IEA will give you an entry to JCU Brisbane and also credits will be able to transfer towards a Bachelor study.

What is the benefit?

  • You don't need to repeat a similar subjects that you have already completed at IEA

  • You can reduce the total duration of your study in Australia which will be a big saving for you

  • You can start your Diploma while you are in PNG and finish a bachelor degree in Australia

James Cook University Brisbane is offering 25% tuition fee discount scholarship to all successful applicant. This scholarship will cover the whole duration of your study as long as you meet the conditions such as paying fees on time, not failing subjects etc. Students must be able to cover the rest of the tuition fees and living costs.

Estimated costs to study and live in Australia

Tuition fee of Bachelor degree: $32,960 per year (Before discount)

Living expenses: $21,000 per year

Visa application fee: $650

Visa medical exam fee: Approx. PGK900

Visa biometrics fee: Approx. K100

If you are interested in applying, please send us below information and documents via email:

  • Transcripts and Certificates from previous studies

  • Copy of passport or NID

  • Program you would like to study at JCU Brisbane

  • When you would like to start your study





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